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Information about our Concierge and Home Sitting Service

Q: What is Timesavers?

A: Timesavers is a personal concierge service. A personal concierge is someone you hire to free up your personal time, by giving you domestic assistance and dealing with everything from everyday errands to special occasions. If you would like help with your household 'To Do' list, just ask Timesavers.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It depends on how long it takes to deal with your requirements. We charge for our services by the hour, but there are several packages available to choose from to fit your budget.

Our standard charge is £20.00 per hour.

This might seem like a lot, but weigh that against that stressed, washed out feeling we're all familiar with, when we just can't keep on top of things.

And importantly, Timesavers always aims to give you value for money.  If we come to your home to de-clutter, that's what we're there for - not for a gossip over a cup of coffee.  If you want us to accept a delivery, or oversee a tradesman, we won't spend the whole day sitting in your home (unless you specifically ask us to!)  Instead, you give the tradesman Timesavers' number, and ask them to phone us half an hour before they expect to arrive.

And just think of everything you could ask us to do in an hour..........

We can accept payment in cash or by cheque.

We also offer some packages that give real value for money -

7 day home check - While you're on holiday, we'll pop in once a day, lift mail from view, check no pipes have burst, or burglars got in - we'll even make sure the cats are fed!         £50.00 + the cost of the groceries you want in the fridge for your return

(Compare that to the cost of putting your cats in a cattery while you're on holiday).

Party preparation - 1 trip to collect balloons, decorations, napkins etc      £20.00

You can buy blocks of time - £65.00 for 4 consecutive hours.  Or bank time - buy 5 hours, but use them over a month, for example.

Our minimum charge is £12.50 for 30 minutes.

Q: Do you provide all the services yourself?

A: Timesavers has a network of contacts that may be needed to assist with tasks and events, as required, and we would always tell you if we felt we could not meet your needs.

Q: What area does Timesavers serve?

A: We are based in Dunblane, which allows us easy access to Bridge of Allan, Doune, Braco and to consider requests from clients in the surrounding area.  While we are willing to act for clients further away from this area, we reserve the right to amend our charges to cover additional travel costs.

Q: What are our hours?

A: Our basic operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 5.00. We are also available for events at weekends or evenings - and we realise that emergencies do happen, and would do our best to accommodate you.

So that we can give all our customers the best possible service, we ask for 24 hours notice on all services.

Q: How reliable is Timesavers?

A: We realise that it takes time to build up a trust-based relationship, but we are confident that we will earn your trust with every task we do for you, as can be seen by the feedback from some of our satisfied customers.

Proof of meeting Disclosure Scotland requirements is available.

We will not pass your details to any other party, unless required by the task in hand, and then only with your permission.

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