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If you're 2 busy, we can on to find out how

You're busy!  In fact, you're too busy.  Maybe you're a working mum, who just can't cope with demanding kids while you're trying to plan a birthday party, maybe you need help with the weekly shop, or maybe it's a special time of year and you need an extra pair of hands to get the house sorted before you go on holiday, or even a big move.  And if you need help with the dogs or cats, or would like the curtains or duvets cleaned while you're away, we can arrange that too!

And it's not only mums who get stressed out.  If you're a busy exec or modern dad, we can help you too.  Hate shopping?  Can't get time to shop for your other half's special present (never mind wrap it and get the card!)  We can help.

We also do the not so sexy stuff like wait for the tradesman who don't turn up when they say they will.  Or wait for your new flat screen TV to arrive....and be installed.

There's also corporate services.  If you want a novel twist for your incentive scheme or want to offer prizes to your staff that they will really appreciate, we can give them extra free time, in a way that suits them.

Or if you're a sole trader or SME owner, and are concerned that there's no one you can rely on to take over while you have a well earned break, we can help with that too.

Think of us as your PA at home, freeing up your spare time.

Based in Dunblane, Timesavers is able to provide assistance in Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Doune, Braco and the surrounding area.

Timesavers is happy to deal with any one-off tasks, or to provide an ongoing service - no job is too small, no task too big. So when you need another pair of hands, call Timesavers.

A local service for busy people.  Here's some idea of the things we can do.

However, only you really know what would help you, so contact us for a free initial consultation, to see how we could help you.

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